At The Fessenden Children’s Center, we know each child. We celebrate their milestones, we know when they need a little extra attention and support, and we know when they’re ready for the next challenge. This stems from our whole-child approach to learning where “play” is at the center of it all. Through multi-disciplinary and multi-sensory activities in small and large group settings, we provide exceptional early learning experiences for children 12 weeks to 5 years old.

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12 Weeks- 18 Months

Our infant program offers a warm, caring, and safe environment for our youngest children to learn, explore, and grow. Through close partnerships with parents and offering guiding hands in the classroom, our “baby room” teachers nurture and support infants during these important first months of life.

staff feeding small infant boy with applesauce
staff playing with infant holding toy shapes
Infant Programs


15 Months – 30 Months | 2 Years – 3.5 Years

Toddler 1

Toddlers are active, mobile, and energetic. Their worlds are expanding before their eyes. Our program is carefully designed to cultivate their growing curiosity with a balance of instruction and independence.

Toddler 2

Our Toddler 2 Program recognizes the subtle but significant changes that occur during these formative years. In this room the focus is on enhancing and fine-tuning all of the skills and behaviors that come with a child’s growing independence.

Toddler Programs
Toddler Programs
Toddler Programs


3 Years – 5 Years

Our preschool program is a multi-year experience intentionally designed to meet the evolving developmental needs in the classroom and to ultimately prepare children for their transition into Kindergarten.

Preschool Programs
Preschool Programs
Preschool Programs
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We are so lucky to have a children’s center that welcomes our daughter with smiles, friendly greetings, and warm hugs every morning.

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