Our Mission

We believe that happiness, kindness, and individuality set the stage for a strong childhood foundation while fostering self awareness, a love of learning, positive relationships, and a sense of community. We infuse joy and creativity into everything we do. Our mission is to foster social-emotional, physical, cognitive, and developmental growth through a thoughtful, integrated curriculum within a safe and nurturing environment. Through interpersonal relationships between teachers, children, and their families, we ensure that each child’s individual needs are met.

Our Goals

The Fessenden Children’s Center provides developmentally appropriate learning opportunities in each of our classrooms, but a common thread runs through our entire program. We are guided by our belief that children should:

  • be happy and safe
  • develop self esteem and self expression
  • develop a sense of themselves as people
  • explore creativity and expand their imaginations
  • be kind and respectful to others
  • develop a love of learning and exploration
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Fessenden Mission
Fessenden Daycare Mission
Fessenden Daycare Mission
Fessenden Daycare Quoteline Top

I have never doubted for a second that my kids are in an environment where they are loved, cared for, and truly known by their teachers.

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